Girls should not...

Is the Prince of Calden right when he tells Emma girls should not dabble in strong magic?

Is he saying this because she is too young, or because she is female?

Do you agree with the Prince of Calden's use of the pejorative term, 'dabble'?  [Pejorative means words that demean.  The Prince could have said, 'wield strong magic' or 'work strong magic' but he said 'dabble in strong magic' as if he is deriding the way Emma is using magic.]

The Prince of Calden says, 'Girls should not dabble in strong magic.'

Violence against women

Francis was desperate to turn back into a prince to save Iron Henry.  What else could Frog have done rather than trying to force a kiss on Emma?

If you were Emma, would you have hurt Frog?

Frog says, "I can't bear this anymore.  Emma, sometimes the end justifies the means."


Was Emma right when she said there should be no fighting?

Ramona thought she was using good magic when she tried to kill the witch, but the witch said it wasn't good magic to try to kill someone.  Was the witch right or wrong?  What if that person is trying to kill you?

 How could you stop good magic?  Good?  You were trying to destroy me.  Die with the knowledge you are no more wise than your sisters.


Do you think the witch was punished enough?


What makes a person great?

Does a great army make a person great, as Hilda says?  Is this really a good piece of wisdom?

 Princess Hilda says: A great army makes her great.