Reading groups meet to discuss books. Members can give the group a fun name.

Members bring healthy snacks to enjoy during the meeting.

One member chairs the meeting, making sure everyone gets a chance to talk.

Members don't disagree while another member is talking.

The group can use Discussion questions or talk generally. There are no answers in this website for the Discussion questions. Any answer is right if that is what the reader believes.

At the end of the meeting, members decide when to meet again, and what book to discuss next time.

Sometimes one of the members is appointed to make a public comment about the book. Joy Everafter welcomes all comments, even negative ones. They help other people decide whether to read the book, and they can generate fun debates.

Reading groups are sometimes called 'Book Discussion Clubs' or 'Literature Circles' or 'Book Clubs' but they are not the same as publishers' book clubs where books are sold.