Did you know that Iron Henry was part of the Frog Prince fairy tale before you read this book?

Do you think you could have kissed the frog?

Frog stands alone on the well wall at dusk.  Title is "Aww..."  Dialogue text is: "Didn't she find me even a little bit cute?"

Did Emma do the wrong thing when she tricked Francis so she could meet the Witch at the end?

Do you think Lady Lorelei was punished enough?

Which character would you be if you were in the book? Why?

Do you think it's fair that Prince Francis should be in charge of Iron Henry just because he's a prince?

What do you think will happen in Kassel if Emma leaves?

If you retold the story of The Frog's Princess, what would you do differently?

Would you tell your friends to read this book?

Would you like to post fan art on the Frog's Princess website?