book-fprince  Emma

Emma's sister Ramona is clever and kind.

Emma's sister Hilda is brave and beautiful.

Emma is just Emma.  They tell her she is a True Princess, but what does that mean?  What can she do to save the Kingdom from evil?

No one will even listen to her.


Francis has jumped into trouble one too many times. Now he has to save his loyal servant Henry who has three iron bands around his chest.

And the only way he can do that is to get turned back into a Prince.

And the only way he can do that is to get a True Princess to kiss him.

Emma protests that then they'll have to get married, but what's the problem with that?


Building on the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale The Frog King & Iron Henry first printed in Germany in 1812, Frog’s Princess explains who Iron Henry was, how the prince got turned into a frog, what Golden Orb was so important, and why the princess broke her promise.  Never giving up, Frog is transformed back to a prince but danger looms as the thwarted witch attacks the kingdom and only the prince and princess remain to defend it.
Filled with humour, strong characters, ethical questions, poignant moments and beautiful evocative music, Frog's Princess is a story children love following with their family.