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Frog's Princess is a middle grade adventure novel with magical elements, set on the fairy tale route in medieval Germany. Princess Emma is waiting for her prince to come. She doesn't expect him to arrive as a frog. Prince Francis can't even be a frog very well. He'll do anything to save his bodyguard - even kiss a princess.

Who should read Frog's Princess?

Reader age: 6 - 10 years

  • Violence: this story includes violent cartoon magical confrontations but not blood
  • Sex: there are 3 kisses and the mouths are not shown
  • Magic: the villain is a shape-shifting witch and one hero has golden magic
  • Fantasy: the setting is medieval times with some anachronistic items such as a telescopeEmma tells Francis that evil cannot see her shining crown, and Francis trusts her and takes her hand and walks with her into danger


What can I share with my child?

Children react to the strong emotional fairy tale elements - a daughter trying to evade evil without the help of a mother, older sisters who don't respect their younger sister, a father who does not at first recognise his daughter's worth, a loyal servant who sacrifices himself for his prince, a young prince alone in the world facing impossible odds to rescue his servant, a boy and a girl discovering they can talk to each other.

  • Ask your children what they thought was the saddest thing that happened.

  • Ask them what was the happiest thing.

  • Ask if they would do things differently if they were Princess Emma or Princess Francis.

  • Ask them which princess personality (speech balloon choice) they liked best.

  • Ask them which frog/prince personality they liked best.

  • The personalities are in the same order for each character:


Can they think of a better name for each personality?

  • Ask them why they think their favourite personalities react the way they do.

Ask relationship questions, such as:

  • Do you know anyone as active as Francis? / as sensitive as Emma?

  • Which personality do you think another family member would favour?
  • Do you ever feel people aren't listening to you like they didn't listen to Emma and Francis?

  • Do you think the King is a good father?Oh, fathers.  The King says, "There is evil in the land indeed if daughters question-question their father's command.  Emma?"  Emma says, "Yes, Father."

Discuss ethical issues, such as:

  • If you were Emma, would you have hurt Frog?

  • What else could Frog have done rather than trying to force a kiss on Emma?

  • Was Emma right when she said there should be no fighting?

  • Do you think the witch was punished enough?

Extended activities

Compare Frog's Princess with other versions of the fairy tale and design a family version.

Print Frog's Princess journal pages and note down the main changes your family would make to the story.

US sized journal pages to print

Frog's Princess title page US letter size

Frog's Princess lined page US letter size

Frog's Princess blank page US letter size

Australian sized journal pages to print

Frog's Princess title page Aus A4 size

Frog's Princess lined page Aus A4 size

Frog's Princess blank page Aus A4 size

Make an origami frog for each family member and write their name on it.

Enjoy the journey of sharing this story with your children.