How to use this list of questions

Just choose one question from each of the headings.

Emotional response to the story

Okay, let’s start with the most embarrassing question. Did anyone cry?

How did you feel when you finished reading the book?

Did any parts make you angry?

Did any parts shock or surprise you?

If you could make one change to the story, what would it be?

Some people read the ending first, before they start the book.  If you did that, would that have affected whether you read the book?


How believable did you find it that policemen would attempt to abandon a suspect in the snow? See and discuss.

Did you know there are people like Eddie who are born without some of their limbs? Visit and for more information.

It seems strange that Rosa, of all people, behaved so enticingly to Jonathan immediately after her trauma.  Why do you think she did that?

Why would Mrs. Dare treat her sons so differently?  Do you know of any families where according to a parent, one child is an angel and another child is a devil?

Character analysis

Why did the mother-in-law Mrs. Dare behave so recklessly, when it was obvious her actions would eventually be found out?

Melina sees herself as loving and giving and expecting nothing in return. Would you say she knows herself well?

How would you say Bear changed during the story?

Would you call Rosa a changed person at the end of the book?

Would you say Bear or Jonathan was the stronger character?

Why is Eddie so rude?  He must know people would be more likely to be sympathetic if he was polite.

Judgement of characters

Were the sisters right to follow what they thought were Jonathan’s wishes about staying in the cabin?

Do you think Rosa should have behaved differently with Jonathan when she was first dating him?

What do you think about Bear trying to break Melina's infatuation with Jonathan by kissing her?

Did your attitude towards Jonathan change as the story progressed?

Why do you think Rosa insists on speaking English when both she and Melina are comfortable speaking Spanish?

Why did Eddie not stop to help Bear when they were both in danger from the same rogue policemen?

Put yourself in their place

Would you have given up college to help your sister like Melina did?

What would you do if you saw an injured man on the road?

If you were Bear, what would you have done when you woke in the cabin?


What was the significance of the two roses?

How would you interpret the fact that the Jimmy is totally wrecked at the end?


Who, if anyone, would you recommend this book to?

Would you like to write fan fiction to change the parts you didn’t like, or to continue the story? has good advice about writing fan fiction.


We hope you enjoy discussing Honey and Scarlet Roses!