Okay, lets start with the most embarrassing question. Did anyone cry?

Melina sees herself as loving and giving and expecting nothing in return. Would you say she knows herself well?

Would you have given up college as Melina did?

Were the sisters right to limit their attempted contacts with Jonathan?

Do you think Rosa should have behaved differently with Jonathan when they were first married?

If you were Bear, what would you have done when you woke in the cabin?

Do you believe anyone would behave as Mrs. Dare did?

What do you think about Bear trying to break Melina's infatuation with Jonathan by kissing her?

How believable did you find it that policemen would attempt to abandon a suspect in the snow? See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saskatoon_freezing_deaths and discuss.

How many times did Thalidomide Eddies beard get damaged?

Did you know there are people like Eddie who are born without all of their limbs? Visit http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-23418102 for more information.

Do you think it believable that Eddie wouldn't initially help Bear even when they were both in danger from the same rogue policemen?

What was the significance of the two roses?

Do you think Ivory could have got Rosa back into the house if the men hadnt come?

What was most ironic about Ivorys decisions at the end of the story?

Do you believe Jonathan will reconcile with Mrs. Dare?

How would you say Bear changed during the story?

Would you call Rosa a changed person at the end of the book?

What would you say is a main theme of this book?

Did you find the ending satisfying?

If you could make one change to the story, what would it be?

Who, if anyone, would you recommend this book to?